I Wish I Had Teflon Shorts!

NX_logo_spray_painter_gunNo matter where I have worked there always seems to be people who have Teflon shorts! They screw up time and time again yet they always land on their feet. That never happens to me! They bounce from job to job in the company trying to find where they fit in but it never seems to work. Despite the bubbling they still end up with a job where folks like me have to work hard to keep a position. How does that happen, and can I file a formal complaint about it? I work as a contractor so if I don’t work I don’t get paid, no holidays, no vacation days or benefits. I really can’t complain because they pay better than if I was on staff but it would be nice to find a permanent home. Mind you, I really am not complaining just wondering how people do this. Eventually you would like to think that this kind of stuff would catch up to them, but I never get to be there to see it. Maybe I can figure out some sort of spray on substance which would give me the same kind of abilities. Then I could sell it and do one of those infomercials, I think I could sell you two for the price of one, don’t forget to pay separate shipping and handling!

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