The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

ALEXANDER_TERRIBLE_HORRIBLEEvery prediction I saw for the Super bowl yesterday said the game was going to be close. The number one offense against the number one defense was supposed to be a classic. Yet from the first offensive snap it was pretty easy to see it just wasn’t the Broncos day! Give a lot of credit to the Seahawks for seeing blood in the water and going off, they made the most of the situation not letting up until there was no doubt in the outcome. I feel for the Broncos not just because I live in Colorado, but because we have all had one of those days! Days like that make you want to go back to bed and hope you can sleep it off. On those days you think to yourself, can anything else go wrong? They would make a good reception then fumble the ball. You can’t blame it on just one guy either; collectively they had a bad day.

Like Alexander from the children’s book it seems some days just pile on till all we want to do is move to Australia. I can take comfort in my worst day, frankly we all can take heart in that we may have hard days but it isn’t on television in front of one hundred million people. Too much? Too soon?

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