Thank you very much!

I would personally thank the person in front of me in the white Ford Explorer for the drive to work today. Thank you that you ventured out despite having nowhere to be at any given time. The other ten cars behind you who needed to get to work on time and who left with enough time to do so, also thank you. I find your confidence to go twenty miles below the speed limit and never to pull over commendable. I would never have the will power to continue to help the rest of us be safe drivers and ignore the gestures of those who passed me like you did. I am sure that by the time we all got to the wider road with extra lanes  the heat on the back of your neck from the lasers beams eyes shot at you were warming. Perhaps tomorrow you could wait a bit before leaving your house say, 9:30 am. I’m sure the rest of us will be all coffee filled and safe in our chairs by then.

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