Thanks a lot Post Office!

My oldest who is off in college was having problems with his computer. So I told him to mail it to me and I would fix it. I told him to make sure he insured it so if it was lost we could get it replaced. It arrived and I went through it cleaned it all up and put it back in the box and mailed it to him. I also insured the computer. Well it made it to Aurora, Colorado according to the tracking but no further. So I call the post office number, which then send me to another number. I call that number which rings at least twenty times before I hang up. I look up the local post office number, call that number which rings twenty to thirty times before I hang up. My wife goes to the post office who then give her another number which finally picks up and sends an email to the destination post office for inquiry into the computers whereabouts which is never answered. In the mean time I have to wait twenty-one days before I can make a claim of loss. After the twenty-one days I have to register for the USPS website and fill out the form. The form says I must proved proof of the items worth to them for a claim to be made? Really? I don’t care if I put a dog dropping in the box! If I insured the item and they lost it, why do I have to prove anything? You lost it! I paid to insure it! If you can’t tell me it even reached the post office in Virginia and your people won’t respond, it is ether time to fire your post master in Colorado and Virginia or find someone who will! No wonder the post office is in the shape it is in. I have more hope in a carrier pigeon than I can in our semi-government USPS. Too bad the computer was too heavy for air pigeon delivery!

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