Thanks Dad!

Yesterday I had to cut down a tree. The fire this summer had burned it to a crisp and the barn builders where going to start today. I didn’t want to have to take it down later when the chance of me destroying something was high. So on my way home from work I bought a chainsaw and fired it up. It was a big tree so when it hit the ground you could feel the rumble, it was awesome! My oldest asked me afterwards if it was the first tree I ever cut down. I told him no, I had cut down trees before. I said, “Do you know where I learned how to do that?” From my Dad! I had a discussion this week with a friend who was joking about his friends and how they couldn’t even install a microwave. My friend paints his own home does repairs and a bunch of stuff others are afraid to do. I do those things too and the reason is not because my Dad showed me how to do everything, but because he made me work alongside him on all the things he did do. As a teen I hated it. The last thing I wanted to do was roofing or car repairs. As an adult I still hate doing it but I do it not for fun, but because I can’t afford or want to pay some else for what I can do. So as I work to repair what the fire damaged and destroyed this fall, “Every” hammer swing will come with thanks to my Dad!

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  1. Bob,
    How I understand! I was helping my daughter fix the proverbial leaking washer a couple of weeks ago. As we worked, I told her I didn’t learn how to do this kind of thing by choice, or on my own. But because my dad would have us kids helping him, and learning alongside him. I, too, would grow weary of watching/helping.
    But how thankful I am that dad insisted – and at times with understandably impatience in his voice – that us kids learn these lessons.
    Now, I love the smell of a hardware store. It is more precious to me, since daddy is no longer here on earth with us. And I’m sure in heaven he’s helping Jesus fix things just right for when we get there.
    Thank you for sharing. And doing the things that need done, just because they need to be.

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