That is not food!

It is funny how connected my eye’s and stomach are. I expect the foods I eat to look a certain way. Anybody else remember when burger king came out with catsup that was purple and green? I tried to eat some french fries with purple catsup and all it did was make my stomach turn. That was the first time I couldn’t finish a container of fries.  There are just things I can’t get over with my food, call me a wimp but when my dinner still has its head, feet, legs or other non-edible parts attached I pass. The craziest food related moment from my youth was walking into my grandmother’s kitchen where my mother and grandmother sat eating pigs feet. The two ladies sat across from each other gnawing away at what was to them a delicacy. To me I thought I had walked into a national geographic special on the wild tribes of south america. Fearful I was next, I froze in my tracks and as they continued to eat, I slowly backed out of the room hoping not to disturb the scene. I have seen pigs feet on occasion and have never had even one thought of trying them, it could be that I might like them, but I don’t think it is the taste that makes me stay away! Some would say that is my loss, but I say I am willing to take that risk all the way to my grave.

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