That is one fancy Porta-Potty

I have always thought of Porta-Potties as a necessary evil. Ever stand in line to get into a concert? Some of those concerts happened in the middle of summer in sweltering heat. I won’t go into it, but lets just say I held out as long as I could then held my breath before entering what was a truly horrific ordeal. That was the old days! Now they have not only better facilities but some are nicer than the bathrooms in my house. I walked into one which had a solar fan blow air in and keeping it cool, it also had  a sink to wash your hands in. I fully expected a guy standing outside with a towel expecting a tip. Another amazing thing was I didn’t have to step up to get in, the door was wide enough to get a wheelchair in and the toilette paper was three-ply! You know the next outdoor event I go to , I want to let the organizers know that I would pay a dollar or two more to be able to sit down without knocking the door off the hinges in the accommodations. I’m just saying.

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