That is some nice ink!

Every time  see a tattoo that is in a foreign language I first wonder what it says, but I also wonder if it really says what the person thinks it does? For example, I got an email from a friend who had some letters that looked like Greek in his signature line. I wondered what they were so I copied them and pasted them into Google translate. Google said it was Greek but the word was gibberish. So I asked him what he was trying to spell and it turned out he had one extra letter in his word. I just went to Google translate and put in the word faith in Chinese and eight different variations came up. If you get a tattoo that you think says “be strong” and they screw it up it could mean you smell strong! My suspicion is many people walking around with one of these tattoos would be surprised to find out what that ink on their posterior really says! I do like some tattoos but I am a big fat chicken when it comes to needles. So instead of having a misspelled word on me somewhere, I just stick to the stick on kind out of the Cracker-jacks box.

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