That isn’t how mine are!

I went looking for a tool box yesterday. Besides finding out that most of them must be made of gold, based on what they want for one, I found out something else. Every drawer that I opened had a pretty little picture of a few tools arranged in a neat and orderly pattern with rubber mats underneath to protect the tools. That isn’t my tool box! Mine has way too many tools in each drawer. So much weight is in them that the tool box would almost tip over if you open them too fast, or if you open more than one at a time. The tools on the picture were all matching, not the five different brands mine are. I don’t know how many times I have bought a set of sockets just because I can’t find one size, and when you go to the store it is cheaper to buy a set than just one socket. The picture showed them all shiny not the dull greasy mess of my reality. The only time I clean them is when I can’t read the size on the side. I don’t use my tools for my job so I don’t buy the good ones I buy the good enough ones. A friend who buys the good ones made fun of me buying cheap tools but if they work once and I have to go buy another, at least I get to use clean and shiny tools once in a while.

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