The answer is not always NSA

Do you know a guy like this? Every time you talk to him the NSA comes up. He probably thinks Elvis is still alive working at a Burger King in Nashville and don’t get on the topic of Kennedy. There is nothing they don’t have an opinion on and it always is the worst case scenario. Working with them requires a lot of patience. To get to the things you really need you have to wait for them to get through the doom statements to get on to the work at hand. Some days I can take talking to them. Other days there isn’t enough coffee in the world to keep me from slapping their face while exclaiming “get over it”. I don’t like the fact that all the info in the world is being scanned by the government and I think we need to fix that, but if they want to know about the latest set of wireless headphones I want for Christmas they can have at it. My email is boring; my email has more cats than secrets. The only thing they could glean from me is my dislike for snakes and spiders. Of course if they want to torture me that info would make me give up any info I did have. My friends who spend most of their time being paranoid really have nothing to hide as well, except maybe the 3 million songs and movies they downloaded from bit torrent.

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