The evolution of water

If you are old enough to remember, the only things that came in bottles and cans were sodas. Occasionally you would see a juice but those were few and far between. Water on the other hand was what we use to get out of the hose. On a hot day playing outside with my friends and neighbors when we got thirsty we would go to the side of who ever’s house we were at and turn on the hose. Yes, it tasted like hose we didn’t think about it. If I had walked in the house my mom would have asked me why I was there or she would ask me to do some chore so we drank from the hose instead. Then came bottled water. I would like to meet the first guy to think of doing this because he was a genius. We started paying for what I drank out of the hose! Then we got fancier water, french, swiss alps, and spring water. All of a sudden the hose wasn’t good enough, we became water snobs drinking only the finest water from the remote villages in mountains we never have visited. The latest is water with hints of stuff. Infused or enhanced have become the buzz words for putting a drop of something in the water so it doesn’t taste like water, which is what soda was in the first place. I am thinking of coming out with water infused with garden hose and calling it retro water for those of us who kind of liked the taste as a kid. Or maybe I will sell my idea to Coca Cola!

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