The great Pope retirement!

I have to congratulate the Pope! He did what no other Pope has done for the last 600 plus years, he retired. If you are older than thirty you have seen these guys get older and older until it takes twenty people to prop them up just to stand. And what can the poor guys do when they get like that? Do you think they are really leading the catholic church at that stage? No, what this guy is doing is allowing the next guy to serve his time and then retire before he is a living relic! I know to some it is unheard of, but every once in a while we get stuck in a rut. Both as people and as organizations. Someone has to come along and bust the long-standing traditions that are holding it from growing. Traditions are nice but they can also get in the way. Seeing someone challenge those traditions is refreshing, especially a guy who has spent his whole life in them! So I applaud his decision and I know the next guy won’t have to feel any pressure to spend the rest of his life as Pope. Maybe that will let him concentrate on everything else that is wrong!

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