The ocean is closed!

According to one report, Florida boat captains are being told they can’t take people out to the ocean because of the government shutdown. I also saw a story about park rangers closing lookouts on the sides of the road leading up to Mount Rushmore. In these two stories is the problem I have with our government. If I remember my schooling it is supposed to be a government by the people for the people, instead what the they now think is that we are sheep who are to be herded into corrals to be processed. Who’s stupid idea is it to tell us we can’t go into the ocean or look out at a monument from the side of the road? What park rangers need to understand is that they work for me, not the other way around. I don’t want to hear about the federal government shutting down when over 83% is still operating, and spending more money to remind me of this little game they are playing. It is sad to say that what started off as a good idea has now come close to anarchy. The idea of this government was to be a representative one, instead we have come to the point where they are telling us what we need. The need I have is for them to go home and let someone else fix what they have done.

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