The Sleepies!

I’ve got the mid-afternoon sleepies! On Fridays the phones are a little quieter and the office seems a little slower. Not many people are as panicked as they will be on Monday. So it gets a little slow. That is when it happens, I start to drift off. Maybe the heat from the computer mixed with the fan noise makes it worse but I can’t seem to get my brain to engage! So what do you do when that happens? Some get up from their desks and start to wander about the office. They visit others in search of snacks, or talk in the hall about weekend plans or even start to clean out the office refrigerator. Others look for ways to leave, maybe a client close to home needs some work done, so they leave knowing they can get the job done and then head home. Those who measure office productivity have to throw up their arms in agony about this time of the week. I just returned from such an outing with two-week old Doritos in a paper cup and a microwaved cup of coffee from this morning. Yes the chips are hard and the coffee is bitter, but if it can get me to the end of the day it will be worth the bad taste in my mouth. These are the only times I think of using one of those energy drinks, but who really wants to be that awake?

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