The Voodoo of technology!

I have spent the better part of a week now trying to get a management server to talk to a  network switch. I have called the manufacturer and they could not help. They actually read from the manual to me over the phone. I have changed the settings that the manual says will make it work on and off and it still isn’t working. I log on to another one which is identical and it works, so why won’t this one? I am so frustrated I want to take a baseball bat to the equipment. This is why technology is so frustrating! This is also why most of the time tech support is more like voodoo than science. I have worked on a computer for hours just to have it suddenly start working. Why? I could not tell you. I did what had worked for other computers and it just didn’t work. Yes, tech support is knowing what to push or the right settings for a specific issue, but the really good techs I have known are the ones who know what to do after the correct solution still doesn’t work!

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