Thin laptop failure!

cablesI was excited to get a replacement for my laptop at work. I had an older model, good but who doesn’t like a newer one? The old model had a dock that came with it so I could put it on my desk and everything connected. I had no need to plug things like USB hubs or monitors in because it all was neatly attached to the dock. The new computer is thin so it is good for taking it to meetings and in my bag but when I want to use it with my monitors and keyboard I have to plug it is with all the garage you see in this picture. It is almost 2014, can’t we figure out how to send all these signals wirelessly? Come on! USB, Video, Ethernet, I have to connect them all! Some of this is by the choices my company has made in not investing in full wireless replacements for their network but all the others are just silly. We make the laptops smaller so none of the ports fit so I have monitors, network, and peripherals all hanging off in a rat’s nest fashion for all to see. luckily these are all low voltage or I would cause a fire. I get that everyone wants to make the laptops smaller but you can’t take away functionality in pursuit of thinnest! You have to at least give me some way to get the job done without this mess!

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