Things I wish I never knew.

Don’t you wish you could scrub your brain clean of somethings? There are some memories I wish I could get rid of. Most of them are things people have told me about or I heard on the news that have ruined something I once treasured. Like finding out the guy who did the puppet Elmo on sesame street was a creeper! I can never look at an Elmo toy at the store without thinking of this guy. It’s ruined. There are many more but last night was definitely one of the weirdest.  Last night I learned a man found a chunk of whale vomit on the beach. Apparently whale vomit is rare and worth a lot of money. It is used in the making of perfume. Well that just ruins walking past the fragrance counter at Macy’s for me! I can just see the girl asking me if I want to try whatever she is sampling and I will say “no thanks I’ve already had some whale vomit today”! Never mind giving any as a gift! My wife will have to do without the “Eau de toilette” I know where it comes from and it is correctly named!

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