Things that make me feel stupid!

I am not talking about rocket science. There are everyday things that just baffle me! Simple things that I can’t figure out that make me feel small. It’s like when you go snow skiing. You start feeling pretty proud of your self for going down a black diamond run when some 5-year-old kid flies by without even using polls. Yeah that small, things like a Rubik’s cube. I worked with a guy who could solve it in a minute and a half, I can’t even get one side to line up. How about a bow tie. Even with Google instructions and a Youtube video I can’t get it. How about getting a cup of coffee from the pot without getting coffee all over the counter? They out a pour spout yet it always leaks. Those are just few but there are more, like figuring out how to get the printer to feed paper in straight. It is always slightly off, the manufacturer says it is within tolerances but it still looks goofy. The one that really makes me humble is the dishwashers startup! I can put the soap in the little door and close it, but as soon as I spin the dial to the correct setting the soap door springs open and dumps all the soap out. Why? If I spin the dial first the door won’t close again until I spin it all the way around to the finished spot. Then it starts the process again? There I sit spinning it around and around until I give up and let the soap fall out before it starts. Somewhere in heaven the Maytag repair man is smiling and shaking his head. Perhaps I should apply my talents else where.

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