Think again!

I am siting at work typing on my computer. I am behind multiple levels of network and security. We have firewalls and intrusion detection devices to keep this network and all the data safe. I am on a Mac, which a lot of people have a mis-conception is safer than a PC. Do you think I am safe? Do you think someone couldn’t get to me and get the data off my computer? They are all flawed. Not just a little flawed, but giant flaws that keep raising concerns and issues with using them. I don’t know how people responsible for our countries security sleep at night knowing how easy it is to steal information from a computer or network. Even if your computer only has pictures of cats on it, someone getting all of them and putting them up on the internet is a real threat to all of us. Now no one really wants my data or probably yours but last week someone hacked George W. Bush’s email. They did not get national secrets, they got embarrassing emails of private stuff. I don’t care if you like him or not his privacy should be all of our concern. If you have a picture of yourself at a party where you had a little too much to drink or that time your bathing suit was mis-adjusted on the beach in mexico that could end up on a website for all the world to see if someone with a little knowledge and a grudge decides to target you. And if we can’t keep a former presidents email safe, what makes you think you got a chance?

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