This is getting ridiculous!

North Korea, a country we could wipe off the map over a weekend, has decided it is time to play chicken with us. Either the new Kim-gone-wrong has more than a screw loose or he knows if he doesn’t do something he will be found floating out at sea. This guy is the supreme leader of a group so repressed they are digging their way out with spoons! His Dad was a loon but he knew to push a little then back off, this kid doesn’t have the brains to see his little dance is gonna get someone in trouble. And for what? So he can remain in power? The problem here is that eventually they all lose power. They fight, they scratch and claw but even the great beasts of our time eventually end up in front of their maker coming up with reasons why they treated people the way they did. Can you imagine Hugo Chavez trying to explain how he lined his pockets with billions of dollars while his country and people starved? The saddest part is the people left trying to immortalize these people, putting Chaves in a glass box for all times, is as equally creepy as his presidency. All show, no go!

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