This too shall pass!

So a couple of young guys I work with are into guns. They are all worried that they aren’t going to be able to get the ammunition for the guns they own or that the prices are going to make it too expensive for anyone to buy. I believe we need to protect our right to have them and I think all the talk of taking them away from everyone is ridiculous. One of them asked me if I thought they should buy everything now before they can’t. I asked them if they remembered after Reagan got shot. Of course after he informed me he wasn’t even born and I sighed, I explained that there was a big dust-up about guns and bullets. The same conversations went on then that are going on now. Actually I explained until the law expired during the younger Bush’s presidency the “Brady Bill” had not allowed a lot of what they are talking about banning now. I also believe that very soon our politicians will find some other cause of the moment to chase after and leave this one behind. They will find something in our water or food that is killing us or making us fat and will cry out for change and will do very little before they move on again. This is the circle of political life. Do little scream a lot.

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