Throw a little my way!

The company I work for got a call from someone asking about installing a server for them. Since this is what we do, we gladly setup a conference call to discuss their needs. When we got on the call with the person it turned out they didn’t actually know what they needed they wanted to start a whole online TV station and wanted to know if they could just run it from the basement of their home. I suggested he think a little bigger if he wanted more than two people be able to view his content. It always amazes me how some people who seem clueless are wildly successful. Is it a gift or talent that they make tons of money? Do they have some genetic disposition that makes them successful while others work their whole lives chasing the same dream only to never succeed? I wish I knew, or at least I wish I could rub some of that on to me. I’m not looking to be filthy rich, I would just like to get my kids through college and take a vacation now and then. Is that so much to ask!

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