Time to send the UN Packing!

no_unWhen was the last time the United Nations actually did anything? This organization just like its predecessor has become a joke! They had a vote to condemn Russia and its new expansion plan and surprise, Russia voted against it. So nothing happened. We dump billions of dollars into this organization and what do we get for our money, a group that keeps telling us we are bad. They do stupid stuff like putting Iran on the committee for women’s rights or Syria or the Human rights commission. They do try to so some good with food in staving nations but they are so inefficient that it cost twice what other non-profits spend to get food to the people. They would be better just writing the check to someone else to deliver the food. They have really not been able to stop anything or change anybody’s mind when it has come to doing bad things. Every time some country gets a hankering for trouble it comes down to the US and our friends to stop it. And what happens when we don’t get involved? Look at the conflicts on the African continent, we have stayed out of them and millions have died. Where is the UN? Where are the other countries that could stand up for Africa? Nowhere to be found! If we are going to have to be the ones standing up for other countries why pretend to try to get Russia and all the other feet-draggers to come along? It’s time to write them a check for the building they are in, it is prime US real estate, give them one year to find a new home and then turn it into a seven-eleven or something useful. At least as a seven-eleven I may get over charged but I do end up with something I want!

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