Time to turn in my gold card!

So recently the head of Starbucks decided that he would offend christians and anyone who didn’t agree with him. He said that if we didn’t agree with him on the matter of marriage we should take our business elsewhere. I have on more than one occasion written about coffee, and my love of it. I drink coffee all day long, not the Moco-cheesmo, or Capa-whatever, just black coffee. I at least once a week find myself in a Starbucks for a meeting or just to get work done. They have created an entire culture of coffee drinking professionals who spend hours in their shops. I have never sat in a Starbucks and looked over the people or staff checking if they meet the standards I have set for myself. I do not ask before they serve me what their stance on politics or religion is before I order. As a Christian, I have made the choice to follow Christ and If they were to ask me about the hope that I have, I would gladly share what Christ has done for me. I would not stand outside with a sign saying to repent. Those of us who frequent their establishments have had an understanding that we like the coffee and convenience and would agree to disagree on the other things. That is until they made me choose!

I think of it as very similar to actors in movies. I can enjoy the movies they are in until they force me to listen to their politics. If they go on the news or some talk show and try to tell me what I believe is wrong, based on the one year of community college they attended or the millions of dollars they make, I cringe. At that point I have a choice to make. Listen to them and continue to pay them to insult me or choose to spend my money and time on something else. I watch movies with actors I believe do not agree with me, but I also believe they have not come out and insulted my faith and beliefs. I know many of my Christian friends would say I should pay more attention to these things even before they say anything, but lets face it I am lazy and just don’t have the time.

But Starbucks has forced me to make a choice, and it couldn’t be clearer from my perspective! The only choice I have is whether to use the free drink I just earned or not!

FYI: Written in a local coffee shop. I think it will be my new spot!

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