To cover or not to cover?

There are somethings I feel I am getting ripped off every time I buy them. Tires for my car is one. Others include gas and insurance. I saw an article that said extended warranties are one of the biggest rip offs. Most of the time I agree, that is until I am making a big purchase and the barely eighteen year old sales person asks me if I want it. I have heard the stories, my friend dropped his new iPhone in the toilet and took it back and got a brand new one. I have also bought it on a few things and never used it. With technology the tendency is for failure to happen within a few months, that is any manufacture defects. The curve is a large  U shape, many failures in the beginning and failures at the end. The problem is us! I had a VP of a company I worked for run over her phone. She couldn’t find it in the car so she pulled over and opened the door to look under the seat. didn’t see it. When she took off in the car she heard a large crunch, which turned out to be the phone which had fallen out of the door. Bottom line if you are a person who has silly things like this happen to you with electronics it may actually be a good thing. If you are a Otterbox covering, never plastic removing kind. I would skip it.

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