To my type A neighbors.

Last night on the news, they showed a family from our area who were part of the same fire that took our barn and garage, already have the framing done on their house. They said this family plans to be back in the house in five weeks. So, a month ago today they lost their home and in another month and a half they will have a new one completed. Wow! My neighbors and I are still cleaning up and these guys are almost done! There isn’t enough coffee or red bull in the world that could have gotten me that far along! Our house is still standing and it still took us three weeks to get back in. As I go down our road I see homes that are in various stages. Some are cleaning up, some haven’t even started. The news called this family an inspiration. I call them crazy! I can not pucker up my behind enough to  work that hard. I love my home and I would hate to have lost it, but I still want to have a life! I know they will be sipping margarita’s on the porch while I am still figuring out where to put the new barn but I gotta say, you are not inspiring me! If anything you make me want to take a nap!

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