To Russia with Love!

I would like to thank the Russian hackers who attached my little ministry site and turned it into a shopping site for who know what. It was in Russian after all, but I am thankful at least it wasn’t porn. I am trying to help families dealing with disabilities and we don’t have much time or money, so why did you attack us? I guess we had open space for you to put your files, and probably an open port or two which you could use to get in with, so like a cat burglar you filled up my server till nothing worked anymore. I would like to thank you for having me spend the day deleting and chasing down the code you used to do this with and the extra special time researching how to keep the russians out of your site. If I knew the number for Vladimir Putin I would call and hang up a bunch of times just to prank him back. And if he lived close I would be sure to doorbell-ditch his house leaving a flaming present on the door step! For now I guess I will just blog about it to lower my frustration level!

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