Toys from yesterday

When I was a kid I had some very cool toys. I remember G.I Joe, the full size version. I had the jeep that I could put him in it was a good-sized toy of red plastic with black wheels. I also had a plastic BB gun and tons of Lego’s.  While I had some great moments with toys like those the best times I can remember were on my Big Wheel. Not only flying down my street and spinning out but the Big Wheel was only assembled with three bolts so we would re-arrange the configuration. Some put extended forks or flipped the body around so it sat higher off the ground. We would spend hours on those things with and without the seat standing up like a scooter until the last-minute then sitting down and turning the wheel to spin out to the joy of all of our friends. This morning while looking for something on Amazon I came across a full size adult version. Had the not been listed as unavailable I might have ordered one right then. Yeah, I’m almost 50 so what? Nothing would have given me greater joy than to speed down my street  and crank the wheel to one side grinning ear to ear as I felt what I haven’t felt in a long time, that is, like a kid.

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