Trace elements of what?

Ok, I know that eating a large Big Mac combo every day is bad for me! It isn’t like I lack the common sense to know how to eat right. Green is good, white and greasy are bad! The problem is every night I hear some report as to the benefits of some element found in berries or coconut or dirt. How am I to eat all these things? They need to come out with a coconut, acacia, fish oil, dirt infused water! Everyone of these things is good for me, but if I eat all of them everyday I will be blue and blown up like violet beauregarde in willy wonka. I can’t even remember to take a multivitamin! There is just too much I am suppose to be doing everyday that I can’t keep up. Is all this really going to make me live longer or is it just to get me to buy the latest craze! How about I agree to eat my vegetables and only eat a small combo meal every once in a while. If I do that can I forget all the other stuff?

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