Traveling fun!


I am not a fan of travelling. Airplanes are not comfortable and cramming all that humanity into a small tube, pressurizing it and sending it to 30,000 feet kind of makes me wince. The looks of the travelers faces is a study of our culture, everything from the always agitated to the happy to be on an adventure face can be seen as they pile on. Of course there is never enough overhead bin space, and the lady in front of me can’t figure out how to get her bag to fit between the seats as we walk down the aisle. So we slowly walk watching her bag catch on seat after seat, only to drop her book and sweater while looking for an open spot to shove the bag too large to be carried on. I am usually not too flustered by this but there are always the seasoned travelers who look as thou this is the last straw breaking their fragile sanity. The other joy is watching others be mad at me for saving seats for my wife and children who did not get on the plane as early as I did. As if the plane will somehow run out of seats before they find one. If you wanted assigned seats don’t fly southwest, and if you don’t think what I did was right you can be upset in that middle seat at the back of the plane!

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