Ugly Guys.

I have made an observation over the last week. Some really ugly guys are married to some smoking hot women! Some are really old and they somehow got very young women to marry or date them. This is nothing new but I thought as a service I would help all the ugly not dating anyone guys with my tips on how these other guys made it happen.

1. Become a Rock star. Some of them don’t even look like guys! Yet they get the girls. Sing, play guitar or whatever instrument as long as you get your self up on a stage playing music, you have a good chance of winning the hand of a fair maiden.

2. Become an Actor. Even if the last thing you did was star in an episode of the Love boat (ask your parents if you don’t know what this was) the women are lining up to be on your arm. Some of these guys don’t even have the same face they had when the women they are dating were born. It doesn’t seem to matter.

3. Be an Athlete. Even the drugged out steroid popping guys have a women sitting in the stands. Every time the guy gets up to bat or has a good play they have a camera shot of the hottie in his box seats. Even in college, just ask Al Michaels.

4. Be a Politician. This one I just don’t get. These guys end up exposed as dirt bags and the women who, for some reason have stayed with them, stand there saying they forgive or believe in this guy who is clearly a loser. Man, that is the best. These guys may not be ugly on the outside but their souls are black as tar! Yet, time and time again a beautiful woman stands at his side.

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