Valentine’s Day!

heartValentine’s Day! A plot by the candy and flower industry to make people crazy! Restaurants will be full of people trying to impress each other with how much money they can throw away on a single plate of food. In Georgia a sheriff declared that Valentine ’s Day was suspended this year due to the snow. He said it was too dangerous to go out and get all the usual accoutrements so stay home. I like this guy, practical, who says we have to celebrate on this one day? Why don’t we get together with our spouses and decide what day works for both of you and put it on the calendar as your own special day. The flowers will be cheaper that day, and more available. The candies won’t be so picked through as well as greeting cards will have more variety. This appeals to the cheapskate in me but I know this will never catch on. If it weren’t for the peer pressure some guys would never buy their wives anything but an oil change!

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