Voice, some what recognition.

I saw a story about the fact that Apple is keeping everyone’s Siri requests for two years. In other words, every time you ask for the closest cup of coffee, Apple stores it on a server. The person writing this story seemed outraged by this, but I don’t understand their disdain? Have you ever used Siri or any other voice command software? They all have one thing in common, they are all far from perfect. I asked it to call my mechanic Black Forest Auto, and instead it tried to find a recipe for Black Forest cake. They have gotten better, but they still can’t pick up subtle sounds and inflections in our voices and if your car has a lot of background noise it will struggle to hear you. So how will they make them better? They will continue to study what results are returned and figure out how to improve those results. That means they really care less that you asked for the adult book store, just that if you really didn’t ask for the inappropriate book store it doesn’t give that as results. So I am not worried about them keeping my requests I just want to get the closet cup of coffee when I ask for it.

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