Voodoo Smoodoo!

While I was in New Orléans my wife and I walked down a street that was full of vendors. Some were painters some carved interesting art out of wood or metal. The most confusing thou were all the tarot card and palm readers. I am not one to frequent such a person but I have to say I have a certain expectation of what one looks like. As we walked down the street most were middle-aged men or women who I would mistake for a person serving your food at a restaurant or ringing you up at the local grocery store. If I was one to believe they could tell my future I am not looking for my neighbor, I am looking for some voodoo looking priestess wearing a long flowing robe and large head-dress. If I am deciding my future on someone who would also ask whether I want paper or plastic I don’t have much confidence in the outcome. In the same way it was a disappointment to listen to a woman playing jazz trombone at the concert we attended. She was a tremendous player, but I expected some older gentlemen who could barely stand in a white shirt, tie and hat. I did finally see the woman I expected sitting at a table further down the street, I made sure I walk far clear of her table, and never looked her in the eye’s that way she couldn’t give me that creepy stare they have.

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