Waiting for a classic.

Why do companies have to keep changing their products? I started running this last year. I started by going to the running store in our town and asking them to evaluate my running style and tell me what shoes I should buy. I took their advice and bought the first pair from them because they hooked me up. Since then any new ones I have bought online, because they are half the price. They gave me good advice and I loved the shoes and was happy with them. Then it happened, I went online to get a new pair and they were discontinued, and all I could buy was the version 2 of the shoes. I don’t care that it comes in new colors. I don’t care that it now has a V2 on the side. I want to know that they didn’t change anything! They say they are new and improved, but what if they are not? They keep doing this to me, I have had to stop buying stuff just because they “New and improved” something I loved and I no longer liked it. I know they can’t just sit back and sell the same products for ever. The public is fickled and they have to chase after all of us to get us to but what ever it is they are selling. At some point whatever they make turns a corner and becomes a classic, which everybody wants. Look at the old converse shoes or Twinkie’s. Now that you can’t get them, everybody wants them!

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