Waiting is…..

What do you do with yourself when you are stuck in the waiting room? I have hours to sit and wait today. I have hours of work I need to get done. I could, but work seems awkward. I could read but the TV showing the young and the restless or what ever it is stuck on is distracting. The other people reading the old magazines or talking to the doctor in the lobby make it hard to concentrate. I don’t want to listen in on how their loved one did, but it is the most interesting thing going on. I could go for a walk but icy rain is coming down. Looking at the wall decorations meant to keep every one calm are only good for a minute or two of distraction. Coffee is keeping me awake but there is not enough of it to really get me in the mood to do much. The thing I worry about is if my computer and cell phones (yes I have to carry multiple) are knocking out some machine that is keeping someone alive? If I fall asleep in this chair people will stare as I drool. Hopefully when I do fall asleep I won’t snore. Hopefully I figure something out.

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