I don’t want to walk in the future!


  • There have been quite a few dystopia movies lately. Dystopia’s are the movies which have a bleak outlook of our future. They usually show big cities all destroyed and animals roaming the streets, which I find hard to believe they would want to run on the pavement but I don’t make the movies or the books I just watch them. As I was watching one the other day I noticed that most of them have some things in common. Most of the bad guys seem to be able to still have cars. I can’t imagine that someone is still refining gas, thou they could probably just run the cars on cheap made alcohol. And they must have welding equipment because they are always able to armor plate the cars that they have. One thing that I never see either the good guys or the bad guys having is bicycles. If our country is destroyed and everyone has to walk wouldn’t they make up some cheap leg powered transportation? One movie a blind guy is walking clear across the country, he can shoot people and kill them without his sight, he even has an iPod but no bicycles could be found to make the trip easier? In one from a while ago they make an airplane, but no one has figured out how to put two wheels under a seat? I hope that the future isn’t like any of these movies but if it is I am going to figure out some way to do a lot less walking.

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