If you are going weird, go big!

Credit VisitOSLO-HeidiI get that some of the things I don’t like can still be considered art. I am not a fan of most modern art, chopping up a cow and putting out to rot or making a red square and calling it “red square” to me is not art. Other things thou are creative and while I may not understand or like it I can see why some would consider it art. Then there are things that are just weird. Not saying they are not art or that the person who created it isn’t talented I just think they are missing something in the delivery. In Norway there is a sculpture name “Man Throwing Babies”, say what? Is this a statement piece or is it suppose to be funny? I have no idea what this guy was thinking, why not cats? At least with cats I would understand maybe even sheep. I am not sure but I am hoping this statue is huge I would be so disappointed if I went to Norway to find out this thing is real size. If you are going to go weird, you at least have to go big!

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