Welcome to the Future…

Did you know, it used to cost tens of thousands of dollars to get a device that could speak for you? Really it did, and it wasn’t that long ago. A few year ago Apple introduced the iPad and the follow-up devices like the Android based tablets have turned an entire industry on its nose! Overnight what was inaccessible to many became the norm. Now I see articles daily on how these devices have changed lives! I worked in the printing industry as a young man. We would charge large fees just to scan pictures. Of course the equipment we used to do it, cost a lot of money back then, but now I can get a scanner at Walmart. The things that get smaller and cheaper keeps growing and it seems to not be ending any time soon. I saw an article today about an add-on to your smart phone that will analyze your urine for cancer and other things! While I don’t look forward to the calls our tech support company will get to repair the now wet phones, I can’t believe that the next is not a X-ray or MRI attachment so you can look for tumors in the comfort of your own home.   How about a phone that scans you while you sleep to detect apnea or other problems? It seem endless or at least until somebody finds out it makes us obese. Then they will outlaw it.

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