Welcome to the future!

Well we made it! Mayan predictions, fiscal cliffs, and even holiday office parties didn’t throw us off our goal of reaching the new year. Though I gained a few pounds back due to some of the festivities I believe 2013 will be a good year. So to start the year right I am going to make some predictions for the new year. Things I think will come true this year. I am not going to go with the ones I have already read from other prognosticators, I got these just by eating cake batter and chocolate chip cookies.

1. People will finally realize the Kardasian’s are not really people! Bruce Jenner created them in his lab. I know this is true because nothing they have done has been of any value to society. The problem is they aren’t even robots, robots would be useful!

2. Our government is going to screw up another crisis! Washington has become the land of kick the can, so the cans will have to be kicked again. I know this isn’t really a good prediction anyone can see this. I think I need more cookies!

3. Some company we have never heard of will become the biggest thing since sliced bread. Have you noticed that predicting the next big thing in technology is like trying to tie a bow tie on jello? Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, IBM all employee hundreds of smart people trying to design and build what we all want or need and some guy in his garage actually does it. It is an amazing truth. Genius is not just for the well employed but for everyone. Inspiration can’t be bottled and sold, it is like lightning! I’m not saying those big companies won’t create things we want but it seems something will catch our eye’s this next year and we will wonder how we ever did without it. until then I am going to start saving a little money so I can afford it, because I can predict one thing. It won’t be cheap!

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