Whaa Whaa Whaa….

I was talking to my mother on the phone this weekend about new cars. When we mentioned the price she told me that was almost twice what she and my dad paid for their first house. I can’t even begin to fathom that! Just 40 plus years ago a house cost less than what a car cost today! My memories of that house are that it was a nice home in a middle class neighborhood, you couldn’t even buy a burned out shack in East Los Angeles for that price anymore. Anybody else remember 5 ¢ ice cream at Thrifty’s?  Sure they had only 4 flavors but it was cold and full of sugar. How about coffee? I saw an old sign for sale that was an advertisement for 10 ¢ coffee. At this point I feel like I should be telling some kid to get off my lawn! Getting older doesn’t suck because I am older; it sucks because I remember better times. Yeah, I love that I have the internet in my pocket and my phone can tell me my heart rate, but I wish it all came with the innocence that we had with not having all this future stuff. Simpler times meant the only version of grand theft auto was a really bad Ron Howard film. Disney was a Sunday night show not multi twenty-four hour channel selections. Mostly thou, It meant not having to drive a car that is still from that era 30 years later!

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