What bad dreams look like.

When I was a kid cartoons and shows were on TV in the morning and only on Saturdays. You might find one on after school but they didn’t stay on twenty-four hours a day. Especially in the seventies they had a sort of “glory days”. Some were really bad, Super Chicken or one of my favorites Underdog were the same episode over and over again. Someone is in trouble, Main bumbling character somehow saves the day with the help of trusty side-kick and manages to keep identity safe. Loved that! Other shows, now that I look back, were some sort of bizarre drug trip. Anybody else remember HR pufnstuf or Lidsville? Sid and Marty Krofft created a string of shows so weird they had to have been on LSD to create. People made of hats or semi-muppet creatures who were always in trouble and had never heard of a pastel color. These shows had drug induced coma written all over them. If I am ever over medicated during a medical procedure I am sure the dreams I would have would be of Charles Nelson Reilly’s evilly laughing at poorly built neon colored puppets. Thank goodness the seventies are over! My brain will never be the same.

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