What I miss about being Fat

In January my uncle took a picture of my parents, my brother and sister and myself. When I saw the picture on Facebook, I gasped! I was huge, I was surprised someone wasn’t splashing water on me and trying to push me back into the ocean. So since then I have worked hard to lose 70+ pounds. While I am happy about the new me there are a few things I miss about being fat.

1. I miss being warm. It is Winter, ok technically Fall but I was always warm. In the dead of winter I could walk around in a t-shirt. Now I wear a sweat-shirts all the time.

2. Chairs are hard! I am going to have to order one of those gel cushions. I can’t sit for very long in most chairs.

3. I miss ordering the biggest hamburger on the menu. I never ordered the Diet Soda with my large burger and fries, I ordered the chocolate shake. If I was going to go all the way I wasn’t going to kid myself.

I am happy that I am no longer that big, but it is taking some adjustments.

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