What is your perfect Job?

My boss asked me a question the other day. He wanted to know what my perfect job looked like. He also asked me to rate my current job on a scale of 1 to 10. Knowing that I want to stay gainfully employed, and the job I have is not bad, I explained to him that for me no job this side of heaven would get higher than a 6, maybe an 8. He was surprised by my response and seemed a little taken aback. Maybe I was a little too honest? Maybe I could have given him the same stuff I usually shovel. The reality is my perfect job is not working for anyone in particular but doing more in the area I am passionate about. Don’t we all dream of being independently wealthy where we could not have to worry about our next paycheck and just do what we feel would make us fulfilled? The problem with that statement is reality. Most stories you see about someone who hit the lottery, or movies about people who get special powers or lots of money show the same thing. The person starts out using the new-found power or wealth to get payback and right what they see as wrongs. But is swimming in a bathtub of money and flaunting it in the face of your enemy really going to make us fulfilled? This is why inheriting wealth can be problematic. What we have not earned is not always appreciated. After the wealth is gone are we really in a better place? I am not saying I wouldn’t want to try mind you, but earning it the hard way seems to be the best way for making it stick!

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