What Thanksgiving means to me!

The day begins with a lecture on how women slave over the cooking and cleaning while men just watch football. Next will be the argument over what the kids are wearing over to grandma and granddad’s house followed by a rousing roundabout drive to grandma’s by the out-of-the-way grocery store. Next will be obligatory small help to the meal by putting the extension in the table and getting the extra chairs from the other rooms. While watching the football game I will have to discuss with my father in law how the pictures they lost from the last computer I rebuilt for them are not magically back. It is only the thumbnails from the cataloging program but the originals are still missing forever unless they spend $1000 dollars at a data recovery company. I will also once again wonder why they bought smart phones for which they will not load apps or use apps on. Lastly I will feel guilty over all I have eaten but not enough to not attempt to get the biggest slice of pie and wondering if the bathroom downstairs has a really good fan.

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