What they should have done years ago.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced this week that he is retiring within the next year. This is a nice and gentle way of removing a friend. Bill Gates and Paul Allen were the programmers that got MS into the market but it was Ballmer’s contracts that kept them on top for so long. If you haven’t ever heard look up the story of how they bought DOS for pennies then turned around and licensed it to IBM for millions. Retaining the rights to the OS let them sell it to everyone making them rich! It was this style of negotiation that got them to the top of the computer world, it is also the very thing that is killing them today! They created a monolithic company that controlled everything and like all things, those on top always fall. Instead of figuring out a future, giant companies usually try to bully people to keep as much of their market as they can. Doing this only makes them fall even faster, yelling louder and stifling others doesn’t make you last longer, it emboldens your completion. The replacement CEO will be in a tough spot, changing a company is like trying to change a country. Culture changes take time, sometimes a generation, but unlike a country MS doesn’t have that much time.

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