You want us to do what?

hand drawing light bulbI am sitting in a meeting listening to a presentation to our leadership about how we want to change some technology we are using. It isn’t a small thing we want to do, it is massive. There is some apprehension as to how we will be able to make this all happen in the time frame our company needs it to happen. Oh, by the way it has to be a global solution, and it will have to be fast and give us a little bit of everything. How is the decision made? Who is going to raise their hand and say “do it”! These meetings can be strange, a large group around the table waiting on a decision trying to share what we think is our best guess as to how we can get it done. What I am really glad about is that I get to sit in the back and listen and not having to lead the project or make the decision. Let’s just hope they don’t look to me for any answers.

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