What’s in you Tea?

Some years back I watched a movie about an advertising executive. It is an English film and it was about a guy losing his mind, but the part I remember was this executive chewing out his  underlings about a product they needed to market. He yelled at them “It is either high in something or low in something else, find it and sell it!” I was just reminded of this by the drink I just bought. I purchased a can of ice tea, never mind I spent two dollars on a can of unsweetened tea called “Just Plain Tea!” around the top of the can it says it is all natural. I would certainly hope that a cup of boiling water and a tea bag would be all natural! I guess depending on where the water came from, say the Los Angeles river, it could be something other than natural. My favorite line is that it says it is Gluten-free. I’m not sure it is possible to make tea with gluten unless you float a couple of wantons in it. I don’t think I want to know if a tea on the market has gluten in it, and I don’t think I will read any labels to find out. I think I will just drink my gluten-free tea in blissful ignorance!

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