When Tech goes awry!

I just read this unbelievable story! Turns out Sprint has a problem with the GPS on their system that makes people using the find their phone app believe the lost phone is at this mans house. Not only the app but 911 has called his house saying they have gotten  cell calls about domestic situations at his home! You can read the story here.

I laugh about this but this is a major issue for this guy and for sprint. As we rely more and more on technology for everything, some of the bugs are life threatening! The reality is every software, hardware or any technology we use has bugs. The developers track them and know most of them. Typically they decide at some point to release to the public knowing there will be issues and that they will have to patch things along the way. Some times like in this case, no one could have seen this issue until it arose after release. To me it is a tolerance issue for each company. Release it early with too many bugs and the public gets mad. Wait till it is perfect and risk being scooped or going broke. The companies that do this the best are the ones that release a good product after sufficient testing, but then respond even quicker when something happens once released. We will have to see how Sprint does with this one.

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