Whine a little more please!

I read today that Martha Stewart is upset that Apple isn’t fixing her iPad for free. Steve Jobs gave her that iPad so Apple should fix it? It really baffles me when people who have a lot of money think that they should get things for free. It is an upside down world we live in, Apple will replace that iPad for about $250 dollars. I know because I just had one replaced because I sat on it. Martha Stewart probably makes that much going to the bathroom. I, low man on the totem pole, had to scrape up that money on my own while Martha thinks Apple should do it for free! It really gets to me to see this kind of stuff. Especially when so many people I know are struggling. I’m not talking about any redistribution of wealth, and I don’t begrudge Martha having made a lot of money. What I don’t like is celebrities whining when everyone doesn’t kiss their posterior. Hey Martha, I am working 40 hours a week, plus rebuilding the barn on my property that got burned in a fire, as well as running a non-profit trying to help others. All of those areas of my life could use some free stuff, but you don’t hear me whining!

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